Jillian Harris

September 8, 2016

Jillian Harris is known popularly as the host of Love It Or List It Too (HGTV, USA) and Love it or List It Vancouver (W Network, Canada). Harris is also a spokesperson for international brands, a renowned professional in the interior design and home décor industry, and the publisher of original lifestyle content (on her website, JillianHarris.com).

Jillian, who goes informally by Jilly, “pours her heart and soul into every endeavor.” Jillian’s effortless combination of casual and modern-chic styles makes her extremely relatable amongst city and country folk alike. With her extensive skillset and likeable “fashionista” attitude, Jillian is able to walk into any room and create a vision for the space, then execute the design with creativity and precision.

“Jillian’s love for fashion, décor, food, fitness, travel, and family is fully expressed on her website and through her JH for Privilege and LOVE Jillian Harris for Korhani collaborations.”

When Jillian is not working, she likes to surround herself with family and friends in her home in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She lives with her boyfriend, Justin, and their boxer pup, Nacho Cilantro. Jillian is also expecting her first child and is currently setting up nurseries and preparing for the little one’s arrival!

Jillian explains how she will incorporate being a mother into everything else she’s built her life on: “Because I am due right at the tail end of the Love it or List It season, I can’t just ‘peace out’ and leave the network high and dry, so I will need to get back to Vancouver shortly after the baby is born and finish up the season. We are making lots of plans now on how this will work but I’m excited and know I will have TONS of support from the show, Justin, and family,” she says in her blog.

We fully support the ongoing and upcoming endeavors in Jillian’s life, and we were so excited to catch her in between filming and baby-prepping for and inside look at some of her most favorite interior designs from Love It or List It Too. Get inspired as you peruse through these creations; you’ll find everything from downhome comfort nooks, to sleek and modern spaces.


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