Jillian Harris – Living Room

September 12, 2016
  • This was a traditional home with beautiful details, so the living room just needed a little freshening up. The fireplace mantle was painted a rich charcoal so that it stands out as the focal piece of the room.
  • A soft grey paint on the walls is just enough contrast to the white traditional trim. Ample seating in beautiful light-filled corners make this room a go-to for the whole family.
  • Separate nooks were key to the function of the large room so that multiple people could be enjoying it at once. The natural light coming in from the original windows inspired the location of the reading nook.
  • The funky patterns are a nod to the quirky, fun-loving and young family that live in this home.
  • The color scheme in this room was taken from the season, as it was turning from winter to spring, and the freshness of the colors around us inspired the eclectic choices in the décor.

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