Jillian Harris – Bedrooms

September 7, 2016
  • Two new windows to flank the new bed were added, bringing in even more of the forest views that surround this hill-top home. A custom designed felt headboard with leather key chains gives this room a unique touch and the great big union jack quilt is a nod to the family’s British heritage.
  • Contrasting shapes, textures, and layers are all just as important as color. This is evident in the clocks on the wall, as they are the only circular element in the room. This room is for the teenage son of the family.
  • The family lived in Bermuda for a period, so one of the clocks is timed to Hamilton; the mother is a Flight Attendant that is often on flights to Japan, hence the Tokyo clock; the father is from London, so one clock is geared to London time, and of course, one for Vancouver!

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