Jillian Harris – Bathrooms

September 6, 2016
  • The ceiling was painted a punchy shade of pink to give this bathroom a bit of character. Pink is a great color – not just for little girls! – it is sophisticated and fun. Adding color to the ceiling gives the space personality without making it feel smaller – you see it more in your periphery. Keeping most of the space white is great for making it feel bigger.
  • Custom vanities, like this one, are always the best choice when trying to maximize function and storage in a tight space.
  • A fairly large format tile with subtle color variation was installed. This tile gives the space warmth without over-complicating it.
  • Glass was installed to separate the tub/shower from the room as opposed to a full wall. This feature allows the light to travel completely through the space – A relatively simple but extremely effective way of increasing the appearance of a bathroom.

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