Building Your Own Tool or Garden Shed

September 12, 2016

Backyards are sometimes overlooked when it comes to their usefulness. Take a look at your backyard in a different way, and build a shed, which you’ll be able to use for a variety of tasks. Whether you need more storage or if you are taking up gardening, sheds can be a major asset to any home.

If a tool shed sounds like a great idea, there are kits ready to order that come with materials and step-by-step instructions on how to build it from the ground up. These types of kits are also available in a greenhouse variety, so the options are virtually endless. When choosing your own materials and design, be sure to ask your local hardware store about pre-designed layouts, as well as professional suggestions for what to buy.

You will also want to research any permit laws and regulations, such as sizing and placement permits. Some states do not require any sort of permit as long as the shed is under a certain amount of square footage, but check with your city to be sure. If your city does require a permit, you will need to apply for and obtain them before you begin the construction process.

If you would like electrical outlets in your shed, you will need to brush up on how to channel and route those items through. A basic guideline to get started on building your shed will include laying foundation with mortar and brick or cinderblocks, mud and wall installation, framing and roofing, and attaching the siding to the exterior portion. Standard 2x4s and rebar will also be a requirement. Be sure to thoroughly study each portion of your instructions (given in the kits, or by your local professional) before moving forward with the next step.

A greenhouse or garden shed will call for many of the same steps, but you will have to follow through with some plant-friendly and element-friendly materials as well. For example, you may need extra material when constructing raised beds inside of the shed for planting, and you will need polycarbonate sheets instead of a closed-wood wall. The best idea, if you have little experience in construction, especially in the gardening industry, is to invest in a greenhouse kit. You can order one or purchase them in any major hardware store for less than $200. Be sure to place your greenhouse in a spot that will receive a good amount of sunlight without being overbearing. Most builders choose to place their greenhouses on the southernmost side of their homes.


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