Backyard Designs with Paul LaFrance

September 9, 2016

Backyard Designs with Paul LaFrance

Paul Lafrance is most commonly known as the “Deck Guy,” both in the Reality TV megacosm and in the average North American home. Paul is also a musician and the CEO and founder of the international design company, Paul Lafrance Design.

Since 1997, Paul has been designing and installing beautiful outdoor spaces, such as groundbreaking backyard retreats, unique interior transformations, and commercial outdoor spaces, as well as custom-built homes.

Paul LaFrance is the host of Decked Out on HGTV Canada, and Disaster Decks, Deck Wars, and Custom Built. He appears as a judge on Canada’s Handyman Challenge and is part of the Home to Win super-team!

What is on Paul’s horizon? In the future he will be expanding the services offered by Paul Lafrance Design and growing alliances with companies all across North America & beyond. There are also a few top-secret projects in the works! Stay tuned for more exciting work from Paul, and get inspired by these designs; they are some of his most amazing overhauls.

“You never want to be able to tell that one element of a yard was clearly planned separately from the rest. It should all flow.” – Paul LaFrance


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