Back Yard Designs

September 9, 2016
  • A common request made by homeowners is to create a cottage haven right in the backyard. Busy modern life never stops, and many people don’t have the time to sit in traffic jams as they inch their way towards cottage country, or the time to spend on maintenance! This project was one of those requests, with an added challenge of being a very small space. When working with a yard this small, it is wise to overhaul the entire area.
  • The yard was transformed into an at-home paradise featuring slick curves, low-maintenance decking, steel aerial beams, and dramatic lighting features.
  • The outdoor kitchen and dining area features a beautiful steel built-in BBQ, with counter space, a shade sail, and eye-catching custom metal screens with dramatic LED light.
  • A step down onto the stone patio offers a lounge area, and the homeowners can serve refreshments from the stand-up bar while enjoying the accent gardens.
  • Crazy water features are a definite focal point: a moat, an island, three waterfalls, and a semi-circular rainwater feature! A bridge was built to cross the custom made moat, to the circular island featuring space for more lounging and a cozy fire table. Feeding into the moat are three layers of waterfalls, and the rainfall feature is custom-made. The whole deck is supported by coated steel framing for extra durability and longevity.
  • Accent lighting was included throughout the whole project to create an inviting, magical atmosphere. Privacy was important, so custom faux stone privacy barriers were installed, along with plantings that will grow to create an additional visual screen.

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