Back Yard Designs

September 9, 2016
  • This was a unique project: A 1200 square foot communal haven for a beach club shared by nearly a dozen cottages within the community.
  • The enclosure was rebuilt around the community’s in-ground pool and a deck was added that transformed the area from isolating to inviting, while showing off the gorgeous waterfront view.
  • A monster deck provides a variety of distinct spaces to lounge and relax in, allowing the community to come together with guests without trading off a sense of privacy.
  • Day to night appeal is present with lots of fire features to keep it cozy and comfortable for as much of the year as possible.
  • Enclosing the pool is safety fencing that sculpts the view lines and directs attention to the beautiful scenery, accentuating it with focal points that feature huge back-lit onyx stone panels.
  • The outdoor kitchen includes a jumbo BBQ, along with multiple dining tables and a dramatically lit bar! Lounging zones on either side are sheltered by PVC pergolas with retractable awnings, privacy curtains, and cozy fire features to bring the community outside earlier in the Spring and later into the Fall. Finally, down by the pool, are a variety of lounge chairs and places to stop and rest by the water. What luxury!

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