Jillian Harris-Bathrooms

The Homeowners requested a “spa” feel to the bathroom that would be calm and serene. In-floor heating and a fresh coat of off-white paint gives

Jillian Harris – Ba...

This bathroom was carved out of an old basement

Jillian Harris – Ba...

The existing footprint of the old bathroom was the


Jillian Harris – Bedrooms

This bedroom is small and needed to be as functional as possible. This was accomplished with the addition of “his-and-hers” closets. This is the room

Jillian Harris – Be...

Two new windows to flank the new bed were

Jillian Harris – Be...

This bedroom only needed a little freshening up, but

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Jillian Harris – Kitchen

A timeless color pairing – blue and white – never goes out of style. The bold color choice is daring but you only live once. Everyone has a

Jillian Harris – Ki...

The homeowners’ preference for this kitchen was for it

Jillian Harris – Ki...

The kitchen was enlarged by taking over some unused


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So many of us talk about eating healthy, renewing that gym membership, and taking more initiative to live a greener lifestyle. We make New Year’s


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Jillian Harris – Kitchen

A timeless color pairing –

Jillian Harris – Living ...

This was a traditional home

Jillian Harris-Bathrooms

The Homeowners requested a “spa”

Backyard Designs with Paul LaF...

Backyard Designs with Paul LaFrance

Jillian Harris – Living ...

Huge improvements were made to

Living Rooms

Jillian Harris – Living Room

This was a traditional home with beautiful details, so the living room just needed a little freshening up. The fireplace mantle was painted a rich charcoal so that

Jillian Harris – Li...

Huge improvements were made to this room – the

Living Room

New flooring in a medium rich tone and a

Dining Rooms

Jillian Harris – Dinning Room

The homeowners requested an open-concept floorplan, as they wanted to have more interaction between the dining area and kitchen. This was accomplished by removing the wall between the

Jillian Harris – Di...

This was one of the Love it or List

Jillian Harris – Di...

Modern and fun-loving homeowners inspired this room and its